Salam Pax is real? sort of not shocked…

our government cant even do the following

-balance a budget

-pass a bill which both parties agree on

-go 10 years without a major war

-make a tax code that a normal human could understand

-run for re election without using lobbyist’s money

but you want me to believe that he was CIA???? no, the CIA is busy in South America getting their party on with some of the locals.clearly they have more ummm pressing? matters to handle.

if you think about it salam pax is doing something like what CNN did in the first iraq war*** (hope thats the right one) where they filmed bombings live. so its not exactly hard to believe it was just a citizen on the ground.

a refelction

i’m  not entirely sure what you are wanting me to write here so im just going to type as the thoughts come out of my head.

wordpress is a interesting way of doing things it separates the class from others by having its own unique persona.while not all of the articles were really things i could relate to, i could still see the meanings behind each article.besides that i got to run edison down, which is always  a plus as i run him down whenever i can.i wish i had participated more in wordpress and commented more on other peoples blogs for support or insight


also mr nelson, secretly whenever you talk about correcting papers this is how i imagine yougrammar-vader

or this 1aadf42668b0575db696b4acf6ad1771

and if you are feeling fun, look up grammer nazi cat

Wisdom of crowds, and danger of stupid people in numbers…

as a collective, we do become smarter, the internet is a live example of this,and the same goes for when people come together with a common goals,they tend to solve problems faster and come up with better ideas than if they were individuals.that all being said stupid people in large numbers can be dangerous,because just because they all come to a similar idea doesn’t mean its a good one. crowds of people can easily be swept away by crowd mentality,and if it gets violent people are just going to feed off the energy from the rest of the crowd. an example of this would be the occupy wall street protests, in which they protested big corporations,like Deutsche bank; and out of all the people there no one could find a better place to organize a protest…than from the lobby of deutsche bank head quarters…now imagine if those people were violent, what could a mob of people clearly not putting their heads to use do?

people together either goes very well,or very poor,depending on the situation.


i read both articles,and it seems the ever body just wants to talk about grieferes ,instead of actually solving the problem.You could go old school and start IP banning people and that would clear up some of the lesser griefers who cant pull a new IP address. the more tech inclined griefers are still going to be present though.Another solution would be to just ignore them as much as possible, they want attention, all we do by talking about them is help them achieve their objective (dont fees the trolls).I also think people need to get thicker skinned and just care less about the trolls and and griefers, get over it theres a lot of nasty people in the world, move on.Another solution would be to start getting the ISP in on on the bans, get an IP of someone you want to ban, let it go a while to see if they continue and then if you feel its needed have the ISP block that domain for them (but thats unlikely).

edison was a fraud

The author really gave Edison too much credit. He never invented the light bulb or even held the first patent for it. He never really invented anything of his own …ever. Let’s also not forget that huge propaganda process against AC current that may have prevented the world from receiving free power. If anything Edison is an example of greed,not progress.